Drift into a blissful sleep

Enhance your sleep with the latest addition to the Gravid family, the VISAGE Weighted Sleep Mask

 Designed to eliminate light and stimulate pressure points around the eyes to increase melatonin production for the best sleep of your life.  This is a great first step into weighted sleep products, and even better as a complement to your Gravid Premium Weighted Blanket!

We toiled in our design labs for 6 long months, obsessing over every minute detail...
the result, Gravid Visage

With over 20 iterations under our belt, we tested weights ranging from a slender quarter pound all the way to five pounds. We experimented with lightweight woven fabrics and heavy-weight knits. We're incredibly proud of the result — a cooling design that contours to your face & naturally helps you  sink into deep, restful sleep in any position.

The Details

  • Weight: 250 g | 0.5 lbs

    Evenly distributed with a stitched grid design 

  • Weighted with certified non-toxic, microglass beads

  • Reversible:

    One side is made of our famous ultrasoft microplush fabric,

    and the other side is made of a cooling satin liner

  • One size fits all with the comfortable double-width adjustment band