3 Benefits of Better Sleep

If sleep were a substance it’d be banned.

That’s a true saying for multiple reasons I can name right now; 

Increased performance, more testosterone, increased productivity, more balanced mood, better stress tolerance, better focus, the list goes on.

So here’s 3 reasons why you shouldn’t underestimate sleep.



1. Mindfulness

Ever notice how when you have the best nights rest your entire day feels sharper?

You can pay attention for longer, you notice things you wouldn’t normally.

But what if I told you that’s how your body is supposed to function…

But you just don’t get enough sleep to experience that consistently.

Just imagine the possibilities in your life..

You can do the “8 hrs worth of work” in 2 hours, done.

You can focus through an entire meeting without thinking about the next movie coming out.

You can have better, deeper conversations with friends and family.



2. More testosterone

This one’s more for the lads - who wouldn’t like more testosterone?

Less fat, more muscles, better looks.

But I probably don’t need to convince you how important testosterone is. 

Recent studies compared men who slept 6hrs a night and men who slept 8hrs a night.

And the difference is shocking - at a 43% difference.

Yes, that means that with a rough night of 5hrs of sleep will lead to you having th me testosterone of an old man the next day.


3. Brain Development

No matter how old you may be, this applies to you.

Your brain actually processes all of its information during your sleep.

Which memories/thoughts to keep, which ones to erase.

This means tha whatever you’ve learned or thought in that precious day wi either be remembered of forgotten.

So I’m sure that (if you have kids) you wouldn’t want them to learn maths all day but then forget everything because they couldn’t sleep.

Here's better sleep.