3 Gimmicks That Actually Help You Sleep Better

There's a huge marketplace for sleeping devices out there.

And you know what? Most of them are bullshit...

But let's not turn this into a rant about questionable marketing practices, and let's get to the actual advice.

There are a few "gimmicks" that actually do work to improve your sleep.

These are the 3 that have helped me the most.



1. Sunrise Alarm Clock

This funnily named light is like a "sunrise simulator" for your bedroom.

What it basically does is gradually increases the light in your room for about 30-45 minutes before your alarm rings.

This help set your circadian rhythms in place (your sleeping/waking pattern) so you wake up naturally.

They really help if you have trouble waking up. And funnily enough, adjusting your cycles will make you actually want to go to bed earlier as well!



2. Internet Blocker

'Wait, what does this have to do with sleeping?'

More than you would assume...

One of the hardest parts of fixing your sleep is actually going to bed.

We are bombarded with information + entertainment 24/7. It's driving every one of us to insanity.

And it is preventing our brains from resting.

If you can't seem to "turn off" your brain before going to bed, you need to use an internet blocker. For both your phone & your computer.

Willpower is fine… until it fails. And it will fail because it is very limited and it uses a lot of energy. 

Ironically, your brain wants to conserve that energy so it tricks you to do what you "want" to do instead of what you need to do.

The result = more browsing and less sleeping, which translates into less energy in the end...

There are plenty of free options for internet blockers, too many to list here. Just pick one and set yourself some healthy limits!



3. Weighted Blanket

This was completely unexpected and counterintuitive to me. 

I'd never have imagined how important having this hugging sensation would be for my sleep...

Maybe I have some issues in my past that I was not aware of?

I don't know why (I need to try and get some therapy for that...) but it comforts me so much that falling asleep is not a problem anymore...

You have to experience it to understand how it feels. Just try this one, it's the one that I have: https://gravid.ca/products/weighted-blanket

If that doesn't make you sleep better and longer, I don't know what will. Seriously, try it.

There are plenty more gimmicks out there, but these 3 are the ones that have made the most impact on my sleep. Give them a go and let me know if they help!