4 Tips To Stay Cool In Bed This Summer

Now here's the bad news... this summer is gonna be a hot one, especially at night. Take last week in Toronto, when it was 46˚C, (feels like, but still very hot) you probably felt that Dubai-like heat in your room.

Mind you it's only July too!

BUT, the good news is that we've created 4 of the best tips that helped us stay zen and cool last summer (which was really hot in Canada)

So here are 4 easy tips that can hopefully help you get a cool night's rest during this hot season. (#3 is my favourite)

1. Pick the right pyjamas (fabric and length)

The more you cover your body, the hotter it gets. Now doctors actually recommend that you sleep naked to stay cool, but we understand that it can feel weird. (I tried it for the first time when I was 17, and it was weird)

But either way, everyone wears pyjamas in and/or before bed, so here's what to consider...

Just like we preach with our blankets, go for breathable fabric. Ie. Polyester, Silk, etc. Avoid thick and cottony pyjamas that will just trap the heat.

You can either get cooling pyjamas (a little costly) or you can simply throw on athletic clothes since most are made of polyester. Just make sure they're not tight.

Plus, they're super comfortable!

For the length, we recommend keeping it short, preferably a t-shirt and shorts. But shorts are more important as your legs regulate your body temperature so they should be exposed to fresh air to keep you cool.

2. Cold bath before bed

You either love us for this or hate us.

Here's why cold baths are great for cool sleep; by taking a cold bath your body recognizes the bath as the time to start its temperature-lowering process. Essentially, your body's temperature regulators will be shifted to cold instead of hot, keeping you cool before and during bed. Plus, we personally feel refreshed and relaxed after cold baths.

Now if you're too busy or don't feel like taking a bath, cold showers work almost as well.

3. Ease your mind with something relaxing

This can really help, especially if you tend to sweat or get hot before bed.

Try finding a cool room to sit back and relax while doing something that makes you feel comfortable. For example, watching an episode of your favourite TV show or sowing.

The best is by being cuddled by a cooling weighted blanket for the most relaxation.

Another great way to ease your mind and body to stay cool is by staying zen. (We don't mean magical spiritual tricks, don't worry)

We mean meditation. And it doesn't have to be long, it can literally be 3 minutes or 15 minutes, whatever makes your mind feel connected to your body. This especially helps if you sweat from anxiety.

4. Hydrate before bed 

Drinking 2 cups of water before bed has many proven benefits, one of them being cooler body temperature at night. This is because you're getting fluids through the body and replenishing sweat.

Now a common misconception about hydrating before bed is that it has to be cold water. While it may feel like you're getting cooler, there's actually not much of a difference. In fact, drinking ice-cold water actually slightly increases your body temperature from having to work harder to stay warm.

So just go with room temperature water.

Just make sure you don't drink too much before bed to avoid the middle-of-the-night bathroom visits!

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