What is a weighted blanket made of?

What is a weighted blanket made of?


The composition of weighted blankets has been a topic of interest for the consumer market and manufacturers alike. In November 2023, LinkedIn published market research on the popularity of weighted blankets. Expected to grow significantly in the next 6 years in the U.S. and beyond, it seems weighted blankets are here to stay as a support therapy for insomnia and anxiety sufferers. [1]

As many people experience stress and illness-induced sleep difficulties and anxiety, weighted blankets have become a natural go-to remedy for individuals worldwide. But what makes these blankets so popular and effective? 

The answer lies in the materials used and how the blanket affects the body.

In this article, we will discuss the construction of one of Canada’s most popular weighted blankets and compare that with other common blanket materials on the market. By the end of the article, you can confidently purchase the weighted blanket you feel most confident about. 

Let’s help you get a restful night’s sleep.

How are weighted blankets created?

Gravid 7-layer weighted blanket

Weighted blankets consist of 5-7 layers specifically chosen to give you restful sleep. Their unique construction provides a sense of security and improves sleep quality through the application of gentle pressure bearing down on your body. A ‘hug’ would be a good way to describe the feeling. 

This pressure is evenly applied across the body and its effects are the same as deep touch pressure stimulation (DTPS), used by occupational therapists to treat persons who suffer from anxiety, panic, and environmental processing disorders.  

Each layer of material is carefully selected ensuring you receive all the benefits of a weighted blanket while avoiding harmful materials that could be bad for your health. 

Let’s examine each layer of the blanket and look at all the materials that could be used in its construction. 

The outer cover

The outer cover of the weighted blanket is the part that comes in contact with the skin. There are a variety of weighted blanket materials on the market, made from both natural and synthetic fabrics. 


Weighted blanket duvet covers are often made from cotton due to its breathability, softness, and ability to keep users cool. It is a natural and hypoallergenic material, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.

Minky fleece

Minky fabrics are a plush and very soft type of microfibre. As far as weighted blanket fabrics go, this one is a popular choice due to its luxurious feel. It can resist wrinkles and spills are easily removed because they don’t absorb into the material right away.

Gravid offers customers the Ultra Plush weighted blanket. This soft, luxurious blanket gives sleepers all the benefits of a weighted blanket and the touch and feel of the plush microfibre will soothe you as you can snuggle into it and just let the day’s worries slip away. 

A Gravid alternative to the Ultra Plush blanket is the Chunky Knit blanket. They innovatively used the same plush fabric and manufactured a ‘chain blanket’ from it. Let’s explain. 

The ‘yarn’ is created by filling the microfibre fabric with polyester stuffing and then constructing the blanket using this ‘yarn’ to make a chain stitch - it has the look of a crocheted blanket but is much heavier and therefore still qualifies as a weighted blanket. If you want something different and yet aesthetically beautiful - this one is for you.  

Gravid Chunky Knit Weighted Blanket

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Bamboo-derived fabrics are valued for their silky smooth texture and moisture-wicking properties. Bamboo covers are often chosen for their cooling effect, making them suitable for hot sleepers or individuals living in warmer climates.


Produced from the eucalyptus tree, this natural fiber is much stronger than bamboo and also provides superior moisture absorption properties to keep you cool and reduce sweating. 

Gravid uses a eucalyptus-derived fabric called tencel lyocell, which is ultra-soft and extremely strong. This means it can hold the inner cover of the weighted blanket without tearing and also withstand multiple washes without falling into holes. Used for Gravid’s cooling weighted blanket, Breeze™ is the ideal blanket for those wanting to keep cool while sleeping.


Chenille fabric features a plush, tufted texture that adds a luxurious and cozy appeal to weighted blanket covers. It provides warmth and softness, making it a popular choice for those desiring a tactile and comforting cover.

Unorthodox weighted blanket materials

By unorthodox, we mean the less popular weighted blanket fabrics. However, a handful of manufacturers have adopted fabrics such as denim, faux fur, velvet, and recycled materials to make their blankets. 

Our recommendation

For an outer cover, go with organic cotton, cotton, bamboo, and Tencel lyocell if you want a natural and cooling option. If you want a plusher and warmer option, go with minky fabrics or microfibre fleece. 

The filling

Weighted blanket filler options tend to be plastic, glass, steel, or sand. Each option provides benefits that you need to consider along with the fabric that the blanket is made of. 

The importance of even weight distribution

The filling plays a major role in making the weighted blanket a popular choice for people suffering from sleep disturbances. The key to its success is an even weight distribution across the blanket. A weighted blanket filled with plastic, glass, or steel beads that are not stitched in place within a grid will end up becoming more of a hassle than giving you a peaceful night’s sleep. 


Gravity. You have a lot of weight in the blanket - it can be up to 35lbs, and if all that filling just moves around without restriction, it may end up on the edges of the blanket, pulling the blanket off you, in which case you’ll be fighting with the blanket instead of sleeping well. 

For instance, Gravid keeps its blanket filling in place by using a double-stitched grid. The filling only has so far to move inside the ‘pocket’, and this is what provides an even weight distribution across your body. If you are sharing the blanket this is what makes it comfortable for both people to sleep under. 

Gravid’s ‘small pocket’ grid with double stitching 

See how small these pockets are? You won’t have to worry about sagging weight on one side of the blanket. This grid construction makes Gravid the perfect weighted blanket and is one of the reasons it's so popular in Canada.

Let’s get into the finer details of the filling because it might be important information if you are allergic to any materials or have sensory processing disorders that would make the sound of steel beads rolling around anxiety-provoking.  

Plastic poly pellets

Most weighted blankets are filled with plastic pellets because they are lightweight and durable. Poly pellets are hypoallergenic and will not be easily destroyed in the wash, giving the weighted blanket longevity. Before you make your purchase, ensure that high-quality poly pellets have been used. 

A caution about plastic pellets

This doesn’t just apply to the plastic pellets but also to the micro glass beads and steel beads. Some pets love to chew on things, and any tears in the outer cover of the weighted blanket would cause the pellets to leak from the blanket and pose a choking hazard. Always check your blanket for any tears or breaks in the material and mend it to avoid these problems.  

Microglass beads

Glass beads are another good choice for a weighted blanket filling because they are non-toxic, have a smooth texture, and make hardly any noise. Gravid uses glass microbeads in its blankets because they allow a more densely packed pocket and a cooler sleeping experience. Concerned with the needs of our customers who don’t like ‘noisy’ blankets, we opted for the quieter, more hygienic, and cooler approach. 

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Steel beads

Not the most popular filling for weighted blankets, but they are still loved by a small minority of sleepers. According to online reviews, some people do find the sound of the steel beads rolling around comforting, and like the feel of the beads through the outer covering.  For sleepers wanting a really heavy blanket, a steel bead filling would provide that. 

Sand-filled weighted blanket

This would be like sleeping under a bean bag, and if you fancy that thought, then this type of blanket is for you. However, bear in mind you’ll have to wash it eventually, in which case you will end up with a clumpy, soggy inner filling that is not likely to dry well. Have you ever tried washing patio cushion covers that have been filled with sand? Then you know what you’re going to be dealing with: ugly brown marks on the outer fabric and a musty smell. 

Our recommendation

Go for high-quality poly plastic or micro glass beads as a filling if you want a quieter experience. 

Ties vs. Zipper

Most weighted blankets use 6-8 fabric ties to hold the weight in place and are prone to breaking. The result? A lumpy, clumpy blanket. 

Gravid is the ONLY weighted blanket with ZipperTech™ for a guaranteed no-sag experience. The durable zipper goes all the way around the perimeter, for weight that is always perfectly distributed.

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Our recommendation

Buy a weighted blanket with a zipper. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the zipper cannot break, but have a look at the reviews of the blanket you like.  If there are tons of customers complaining about the poor-quality zipper, then move on. What you won’t get with a zipper is the hassle of flimsy ties that break off one by one. The heavier the blanket, the more you’re going to have this problem. 


Weighted blankets are becoming increasingly popular as a natural sleep aid for those suffering from sleep disturbances. As the market increases, consumers look for environmentally sustainable blankets made from natural fabrics. Manufacturers are meeting this need by responding with innovative solutions that give you all the benefits of the weighted blanket without affecting your health or the environment negatively. 

Using the information in this article, you will be able to choose the best blanket for your personal needs. Whether you want a plush fabric with a plastic pellet filling or a Tencel lyocell fabric with a glass bead filling, or you prefer a blanket made of cotton, it’s all up to you. 

Over 60,000 Canadians have decided Gravid is their number-one choice for blissful sleep. They love that their anxiety, insomnia, and restless legs are better, and they also love the blankets' construction and colour. 

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We hope you’ve enjoyed the article. Until next time, when we discuss more useful information about weighted blankets and their uses. 


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